Science Centric Laboratory Automation

Telos Scientific provides innovative, reliable and cost effective automation solutions for low to medium throughput laboratory processes. Our comprehensive scientific and engineering experience allows us to quickly create effective systems for any process or application.

We use a systems based approach to automation that evaluates each individual process detail. The goal of each of our systems is to provide a tool that (1) produces excellent science, (2) is easy for the intended end user to operator and (3) is reliable under real world conditions. The achievement of each of these goals is demonstrated as part of our normal system delivery.

All of our automation systems are designed as modular platforms that easily adapt to changing business and process needs. Each system can be implemented in incremental steps to accommodate budget and laboratory requirements. Our flexible modular design allows the most effective and efficient equipment and devices to be used for each process step. Individual components can easily be added or replaced as needed to improve the process and adapt to new requirements.

Turn Key

Turn-Key Systems
Turn-Key Systems are designed to perform well defined tasks. User interfaces are custom built for the target application simplifying use and eliminating potential for user error.

Displayed here is a Genomic DNA Aliquoting system that that is able to aliquot sample of Genomic DNA across a wide range of concentrations. Our AutoPilot software enables the system to dynamically adapt the liquid handling to accommodate the range of fluid viscosities on the fly.

Dynamic Systems
Dynamic systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. Great attention to detail goes into the engineering of integration components to ensure reliable operation of each integrated systems.

Our AutoPilot software eliminates the need for the traditional programming that was required to implement assays on these complex systems. Instead, Lab personnel are able to add new applications without assistance.

Dynamic Systems

Design excellence provides industrial quality with simple and reliable operations.

Our modular approach allows the system to adapt to changing requirements in the lab.

Displayed here is a Dynamic Systems for a Genomics laboratory with requirements for frequent additions of new assays and overnight autonomous operations.

As requirements grow operational complexity doesn’t have to. Engineering to each detail builds a strong foundation for the system and each individual component. Novel designs minimize potential for mechanical failure at every step maximizing system robustness.

Dynamic Systems

Adding new assays onto the systems do not require programming or knowledge of complex device integrations. Users need only provide assay details to AutoPilot which will then autonomously drive all necessary devices as required to achieve the science.

Displayed here is a high capacity integrated system utilizing two liquid handlers to eliminate procedural bottlenecks.

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