At Telos Scientific, we engineer leading edge products that enable our clients to realize dramatic value from their laboratory automation systems. Our revolutionary AutoPilot artificial intelligence technology autonomously controls laboratory automation equipment providing a complete alternative to traditional programming. Process automation, application engineering, and validation services complement our existing product line providing complete solutions for the most unique laboratory automation challenges.



Easily deploy sophisticated automation systems in your lab with the extensible Telos AutoPilot platform.

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Who We Are

Telos is a team of scientists, engineers and software development experts, driven by enabling excellent science.

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Lab Automation

Telos’ systems-based lab automation gives you reliable, cost effective solutions for any process or application.

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Telos Scientific AutoPilot Award

In the Spotlight

Telos Scientific is proud to announce that AutoPilot has been selected as a 2015 AveNEW award winner from the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS).

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